Is it a coincidence that there will be a US Presidential election just prior to the 2012 Mayan doomsday predictions? What relevance does that have on the future of the world?

Consider some facts:

1. There is coming an Antichrist to rule the world. (II Thessalonians 2:8)

2. The Antichrist will not be revealed until immediately after the Rapture of the Church occurs (Christians will be Caught up to meet the Lord in the air. I Thessalonians 4:17) The January 2013 installation of a new US president would make him the “savior of the world” since he would immediately institute “emergency measures” to curtail the crisis caused by the current calamities.

3. The Antichrist rises to world-wide preeminence almost immediately, due to the fact that he has “the answers” for some sort of global catastrophe that will have just occurred.

4. The Antichrist institutes global “citizenship” by requiring all who cooperate in banking or business or wishing to buy or sell to receive a mark on their forehead or hand. That number is 666. It is the Mark of the Beast. The technology is here now, and in operation already in many venues. Probably the US “health care reform” that is being rushed through Congress at the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 will be the impetus, since seemingly, everyone will think the “embedded microchip” will be a great way to store medical information.

5. The Antichrist offers peace and security for any and all who join his “system”. He will be the most powerful and influential person on the planet, bar none.

A possible time-line:

a. The November 2012 elections.

b. Some horrendous cataclysmic event occurs late November, early to mid December 2012.

c. The new US President takes office in January, 2013.

d. Instantly, he must make major world-shaking decisions to restore the peace, society, and government. Thus, the Mark of the Beast, etc.

This, by no means, is a prediction. And the author does not personally believe that these dates are in any way accurate. Rather, God will bring the Antichrist into power exactly when His time is right. To be sure, those who think they know the exact date are wrong.

It is, however, very interesting that there is a US presidential election just mere weeks before December 21, 2012, when the whole world has been hyped to expect something big to happen. At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presidential election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years. Is this new president will provide Spitale in every place, or also provide a uniform water supply throughout the region.

2012 – US Presidential Election and December 21, 2012