Dalhousie is a popular hill stations located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is located in the outer slopes of Dhauladhar mountain range. One of the famous tourism destinations of North India, Dalhousie attracts a large number of visitors from all over the places and is a popular honeymoon destinations of India. Snow covered peaks makes beautiful scenery over here. Dalhousie is 6000-9000 feet above from the sea level. May to September is the peak tourist season in Dalhousie and of course the best time to visit.

Except its scenic beauty the Victorian and Scottish architecture in bungalows and churches increases its charm. This place was named after Lord Dalhousie the British Viceroy who made Dalhousie his summer retreat. It’s a very small and beautiful town. This Place was found by Lord Dalhousie the Governor General of India in the year 1854 as a summer resort for the British troops, influences of the bygone eras is still reflected among the old buildings of the region built in the typical colonial architecture.

 It has many old churches, houses with Scottish and Victorian architectures take the visitors on a nostalgic trip to the colonial era when the life was not hurried and when people had the time to take leisurely and long walks in the woods and surrounding areas, in the backdrop of the scenic mountain peaks and in the midst of the soothing greenery of Dalhousie.Dalhousie has a cold climate throughout a year. In June- September it experiences heavy rain and thunder. May-July noons are warm, but quite cold for remaining time of the day. If rain is there it becomes very cold. In December-January it also experiences snow fall.

 It has salubrious climate. Come here to discover the real meaning of natural beauty and embark on a tour to Dalhousie. The spring of Subhash Baoli is situated at a height of 6,678 ft in Dalhousie and provides excellent views of snow-capped mountains. It is named after Subhash Chandra Bose, who is believed to have visited the place every time he traveled to Dalhousie. ‘Satdhara’ or seven springs situated on the way to Panjpulla are reputed to have medicinal properties as its water contains ‘mica’, known as ‘Gandhak’ in the local language. It is a popular tourist attraction of Dalhousie and a must visit if you are traveling to this place.

 Located at a distance of 2 kilometers from Dalhousie, Panjpulla or a memorial with five bridges is a popular tourist attraction. It has a natural tank and calming surroundings. There are several small natural pools here that are fed by perennial streams. It was built in the memory of Sardar Ajit Singh, the famous freedom fighter of India. Quite close to Dalhousie, the Bakrota Hills provides breathtaking views of snow-clad peaks and the walling circuit around the hill known as the ‘Round’ is a popular destination among locals. You can also visit Khajjiar, which is also known as the mini Switzerland.

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There are several churches too adorning the place like the St. Andrew’s Church, St. Patrick’s Church, St. Francis Church, all these are standing here high since ages. In short, Dalhousie is a haven for all, which is a must visit.

Dalhousie- Heaven on Earth